The broader the spectrum of prophylactic, diagnostic and treatment possibilities, the more individually we can respond to your needs. For us that means always being on the cutting edge. That way you’ll receive the best and most precisely adapted treatment possible.

In addition to the important standard services of a dental practice, you’ll find that we can provide you with qualified assistance even in broader elementary areas:

is necessary at home beyond your dental care. Dental care in the form of overall oral hygiene means that some problems won’t arise at all. Regular and targeted measures are not only important for the health of your teeth.

are a key topic when it comes to teeth. For a radiant smile, we offer an extensive range of measures in addition to professional cleaning: from bleaching and cosmetic contouring to veneers as well as natural-looking fillings and ceramic crowns.

can successfully replace defective teeth including the root and permanently close gaps. We are experienced in modern implantology and afterwards the result will feel completely natural to you.

are necessary to repair severely damaged teeth or replace missing ones. Whether you need an inlay, crown, bridge or dentures: we find the right solution together with you – both medically and with regard to the cost. In every case the result is top quality.

In-house laboratory
or outsourced services? For us there is no question. In our in-house dental lab, we can carry out the appropriate work straightaway and have direct control over it. Good for quality and good for you.

is a specialist field concerned with serious changes in your gums and the consequences. Before inflammation adversely affects your entire periodontium and possibly even your body, we reduce the load of harmful germs using modern procedures.

General anaesthesia
certain procedures may require constant anaesthetic control and this is a possibility if you are particularly sensitive to pain or if you suffer from anxiety. Of course all of the details will be fully explained to you by ouranaesthetist.


You’ll be well informed.

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