Since August 2011, Ms. Susanne Haake has been manufacturing, as a 32two Master Manufacturer, both fixed and removable dentures. It goes with out saying, that it meets the demands of 32two. High-quality, personalized and natural.

Influenced by the philosophy of 32two dentists, the understanding of service in production is complete and comprehensive. Prior to making each dental prosthesis, it is important to take the time to discuss and clarify with the patient any outstanding issues such as tooth shape, colour and position. This results in tailor-made solutions that convince functionally and aesthetically.

To produce these unique implants, Ms Haake only uses the finest materials: In addition to high gold and gold reduced alloys, fine ceramics are used to give our patients’ dentures the correct gloss finish.

Light transparency is important in master manufacturing. As a patient, you wil always have the opportunity to watch our dental implants being made. If you would like to.

Treat yourself to a mastercraft dental solution.

Dentures by master craftsmen
Proven in-house quality
Fast & financially sound service